Brian Wilson to Release Autobiography in 2015

Brian Wilson will publish his autobiography in the Fall of 2015.

Wilson has singed with Da Capo Press (Persus) in the U.S., Random House in Canada and Coronet for the U.K. for the release. He has been working with Rolling Stone and Men’s Journal editor Jason Fine.

Per Da Capo Press “Wilson will describe, for the first time, the epic highs and lows of his life—from his tumultuous relationship with his father, the loss of his mother and brothers, his fears about live performance, and the struggles he faced to lead the Beach Boys away from surf music into experimental terrain to his remarkable personal and professional comeback from drug addiction and mental illness with the support of his second wife, Melinda. He will share a new level of emotional honesty never before expressed in earlier books about him.”

Wilson said “I’ve been working harder in the last ten years than I ever did in my whole career and I love it! I love working. I started the Beach Boys when I was still in high school, and I guess I’ve never spent too much time thinking about all the things we went through—all the good times and bad times. I don’t like to dwell on the bad times, it makes me sad in my heart. But I feel a little stronger now. And I’m feeling a little bit like maybe now is a good time to look back.

“Life’s better than it’s been in the past twenty years. I’m having a ball. I’m 70 years old and it took me a long time to learn a really simple thing: it’s hard work to be happy.”

Co-author Fine added “He’s a complicated, highly sensitive, emotionally fragile, incredibly gifted artist who has not lost an ounce of his prodigious talent and has also found a measure of stability in his life and an ease within himself that’s eluded him for most of his adult life and that’s why now, for the first time, he’s finally ready to reflect on his life, and to tell his life story, as he’s never told it to anyone before.”

This is something that I personally look forward to reading as I have always been a Beach Boys fan ever since I was a youngster and “Endless Summer” is one of the first albums I ever purchased with my very own money way back when. Brian Wilson to me has also always been a musical genius and to come back out of his seclusion and do what he has done is totally awesome. If you have not seen the 1994 Canadian movie “Whale Music” I would highly recommend seeing it,as the main character is based on Brian and it also has a good soundtrack to it as well from an album by the same name from Canadian Indie rock band the Rheostatics.

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