Legendary Woodstock Musician Richie Havens Passes Away at 72


Legendary Musician Richie Havens has passed away at 72 (January 21, 1941 – April 22, 2013).

Havens is best known for his intense, rhythmic guitar style (often in open tunings), soulful covers of pop and folk songs, and his opening performance at the 1969 Woodstock Festival. Havens recorded over 20 albums in his storied career, but his legendary set at Woodstock was what he was best known for.  He was the festival’s first performer and was asked to keep the crowd entertained while the rest the acts were arriving.  Nobody guessed that he’d be doing this for close to 3 hours.

The powerful guitar master toured and recorded for forty five years, until complications from kidney surgery left him unable to safely tour. In addition to touring across the world and putting out 21 studio albums, Havens had a heart for philanthropy. In 1991 he won the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award.

Richie shared the stage with a myriad of popular recording artists throughout the years including The Allman Brothers and many others.

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  1. I will miss Richie Havens. Saw him many times in my youth and loved listening to his music, his voice, his guitar, his musings. What a man! What a human being! I love the focus of your blog and will visit again!


    • Thank you Ilene for the comment and kind words. I never got to see Richie unfortunately but appreciate and like some of his music. I have just started this blog as you can see so I am slowly learning the ins and outs of WordPress and did have a quick peek and followed your blog as well. I am curious as to how you came across mine, since I am not aware yet as to how WP works and am just keeping my focus on getting content on mine.



      • Hi Brian: I probably “liked” something you wrote and then commented. When you first log into your wordpress, you’ll see a lot of blogs that you can scroll through and “like” or “comment” on. Good luck with your blog. I just started in January and I love doing it!


        • Hello Ilene : Now that makes more sense to me since I have not really told anybody about my blog yet except a few personal friends just for some opinions, so thanks for letting me know. I don’t usually see the actual WP page as I have it bookmarked to come right to my homepage and I log in from there but I know what you mean 🙂


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